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All items that you can arm yourself with can be improved. The only exceptions are items from the item shop and arrows. You can improve an item in one of three ways:
- with the help of a blacksmith or assorted types of scrolls
- with 'Improve Weapon'- crystals
- with spirit stones
This tutorial explains how to improve items with the help of blacksmiths and assorted scrolls - including their assembly. This type of crafting is used in Metin2 the most, because you only need the item, some Yang and a little bit of luck. You can also use scrolls to increase your chance of success.

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The Blacksmith
You can find a blacksmith in each of the three capital cities, the villages and lots of other places in the game. Click on the item that you want to improve and drag it onto the blacksmith with your mouse. A window will appear, showing the improved item - the respective level will also be clarified with a number. Additionally you can see how much Yang is needed for the improvement. You can improve an item 9 times using this method.
However the improvement can fail, thus destroying the item. You will also lose the Yang that you invested in the improvement if it fails. If the item's level is increased, the chance of a successful improvement decreases. Therefore it is best to experiment with an item that you can replace easily first.

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Upgrading Items
To improve weapons and armour with level 1 to 20 from level +6, you need Yang and upgrade items. You can find these in the game.
If, for example you want to upgrade a longsword from level +6 to +7, you need 30,000 Yang and some 'bear foot skin'. For level +8 you need 45,000 Yang and two 'white hair bands+'.
From level 25 upgrade items are needed for a level of +5 or higher.
If the improvement fails, the item is also lost.

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Blessing Scroll
The blessing scroll fulfils the same function as the blacksmith. But unlike blacksmith method, the blessing scroll prevents an item from being destroyed if the improvement fails. You will still lose the invested Yang, but the item will merely be reduced by one level. If you have a blessing scroll in your inventory, click on it and drag it onto the item that you would like to improve. A new window will open for the improvement.
There are several ways to get hold of a blessing scroll:
- You can swap them for Dragon Marks, that you receive as a bonus for bought goods in the item shop.
- Sometimes you will receive them from opponents or as a reward for completed quests.

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Magic Iron Ore
If you take this rare ore and a blessing scroll to a blacksmith, he will make a Dragon Scroll with it. With this very powerful scroll you can also improve an item. It increases your chance of success by 10% and protects the item from destruction if the improvement fails. In this case the item level will merely be reduced by one level.
You can buy magic iron ore in the item shop with Dragon Coins or exchange Dragon Marks for it. You will receive Dragon Marks as a bonus if you pay with Dragon Coins in the shop.

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Magic Copper Ore
The blacksmith can make a Scroll of War from a blessing scroll and some magic copper ore. It guarantees the successful improvement of an item. It is however, not strong enough to be used on items that have a level that is higher than +3.
You can buy magic copper ore in the item shop with Dragon Marks.

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Stone of the Blacksmith
If you have a Stone of the Blacksmith and a blessing scroll, the blacksmith can make a blacksmith handbook with it. The blacksmith handbook works like a Dragon Scroll, but the chance of success is higher. If the process fails, the item is merely reduced by one level.
You can buy the Stone of the Blacksmith in the item shop.